Our Services

Just Universities provides educational services to more than 15,000 students of various nationalities through a multinational team with long experience in the field of educational services in order to provide the best opportunities available to our students around the world

Language Teaching Centers

Providing opportunities to learn foreign languages more professionally, by studying in the best educational centers in many countries

Apply to Universities

Follow-up of all stages of submitting university papers from clarifying the required papers to receiving the university card.

Extract the Necessary Documents

Assist the student by clarifying the necessary documents for all stages of travel, university registration, and residence in the country of study.

Student Counseling

Helping the student in choosing the educational specialization that best suits their needs and ambition, through specialists in the field of educational consulting.

Students Follow

Follow-up students registered through us in their university lives to ensure the best level of education meets their academic aspirations and solve any problem that they may face through their educational career.

Student Accommodations

To help the students obtain their residence after completing the university registration stages

Student Housing

Help in obtaining student housing, whether university or private.


Rehabilitation Programs

Language Institutes